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HFX Vertical Silence Rev 2 black/black

Varenr: 51065
Producent: HFX
Model: Vertical Silence Rev 2
Garanti: 2 års reklamationsret
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The Vertical Silence is a hard disc cooler, which is designed especially for passive cooling. It is the only one with vertical designed heatsinks, which allows an optimal air convection without an active fan cooler. The Vertical Silence is made of rubber with aluminium heatsinks on both sides.

Vertical heatsinks
Traditional hard disk coolers have horizontical designed heatsinks, which is optimised for active fan cooling.
The heatsinks of the vertical silence are vertically designed. Warm air can easily go up through the heatsink and take away the heat. Cool air can follow (natural convection of air).
In addition the heatsinks have special designed lamellas which enforce the cooling abilities.

Direct contact to aluminium heatsinks
The heat of the hard disk is transported directly to the heatsinks on both side.

The mounting is very easy. All you need is an empty 5.25" bay in your chassis. The cooler itself needs no screws and screwdrivers. Just plug all components together and slide the hard disk inside. The Vertical Silence is also suitable for transporting the PC. The hard disk is very secure in the rubber box.

- fit in every 5.25" bay
- for 3.5" HDD (IDE and SATA)
- mounting holes like CD drives
- 146*38*156mm
- 490g

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